Cooperation Case

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality kitchen appliances, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, we continually seek to develop new and improved solutions to meet our customers' changing needs. The development of the gas stove CKD project is a remarkable achievement in the field of kitchen appliances.

 A recent example of our commitment to partnering with clients was a case study in which we worked with a group of consumers to develop a new CKD freestanding gas oven.  Every step of the way, we listen carefully to our customers' feedback and incorporate their suggestions into our planning and development process. Through their valuable feedback and input, we were able to identify key areas for improvement and make necessary modifications to the design.

CKD stands for Completely Knocked Down, which means that the main components of the gas oven are manufactured, shipped to the destination, and then assembled on site. This manufacturing process significantly reduces production and shipping costs, while also creating jobs in the communities where the assembly takes place.

To carry out the CKD project for gas ovens, we focused on several key aspects. First, we have built a strong supply chain to ensure quality components at affordable prices. Second,we invested heavily in research and development to improve the design and functionality of gas ovens to ensure user-friendliness and efficiency.

Third, we have implemented a rigorous testing process to ensure that gas ovens meet safety and quality standards. This includes gas leak, heat resistance and durability testing.

One of the benefits of the gas oven CKD program is that it is highly customizable to the needs of the individual user. For example, if a customer requires a larger oven size or a specific type of control panel, the CKD manufacturing process allows these components to be customized at low cost.

In addition to providing a cost-effective alternative to conventional gas ovens, the CKD project has had a positive impact on the environment. The manufacturing process produces less waste and generates fewer emissions, contributing to cleaner, more sustainable production.


The gas stove CKD project has made progress in many regions and is bound to become the future of the gas stove manufacturing industry. The success of this project demonstrates the power of innovation and collaboration in the kitchen appliance industry and highlights the possibility of creating new affordable and efficient products to meet the needs of consumers in a changing world.


Thanks to this customer-focused approach, we have succeeded in developing a high-performance, durable and easy-to-use freestanding gas oven. Our customers are very excited about the new products and provide us with valuable feedback which will help us to continue to improve and perfect our products in the future.

By working together, we can achieve greater success and create truly innovative solutions that meet the needs and preferences of our customers now and in the future.