Gas Weeder

In addition to producing the following products, our company also offers OEM/ODM customization. CKD orders also welcome. All products have SGS international standard testing reports, and the price can be guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. Please contact me
  • Portable gas weeder with Flame Control Valve

    Portable gas weeder with Flame Control Valve

    • 320,000 BTU propane torch.

    • Flame control knob easily sizes flame up to 2 feet.

    • Safety lever valve for added control and protection.

    • Ideal for home, garden, farm, industrial and construction use.

    • Perfect for burning brush and weeds, melting snow and ice and much more – Arrives fully assembled.


    If you own a garden or a yard, we know that unnecessary weed growth is a constant problem. However, weed torches have turned dealing with them into a cakewalk.