Good Glass top gas stove with two burners

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three burner gas stove
Glass top gas stove
two burner gas stove

three burner gas stove

Glass top gas stove

two burner gas stove

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Easy to Clean

 The tabletop gas stove has a classic design with 6MM thickness tempered glass for effortless cleaning

Smart Lock pan

If you want to ensure greater stability while cooking, the Smart Lock pan feature will serve your purpose. 

Stainless-steel spill tray

Now cleaning heavily rusted spill trays for hours is a thing of the past. Stainless-steel spill trays of Smart Gas stove ensure less chances of rusting and low maintenance.

Heat-efficient brass burners

The brass burners of the appliance ensure equal distribution of heat which aids in proper cooking processes. Since brass has a high thermal efficiency, it ensures optimum retention of heat while cooking    .

Heat-resistant legs

The support legs of the gas stove promises stability with heat efficiency facility. The polymer legs are heat-resistant which enhances product efficiency.

High Heat Output

Propane gas stove powered by 9,500 BTU with piezo ignition, no need for cumbersome start-up and heats up quickly


Outdoor stove with the new stove frame, the woks and pans can be placed steadily without slipping. It is recommended to use a pot with a diameter of 5-8.6", which can heat food faster and more evenly

Important Tips - After receiving the gas stove, please check the bottom of the gas stove, the air intake adjustment board and burner must be aligned. If it is not aligned, please contact our customer service.

For your safety, a leakage test is required before use. Test with soap water on all joints. If you see any bubble or even hear any gas leakage, don't use it and contact customer service.

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