National Fire and Rescue Bureau Deploys Special Rectification Work for Gas Safety

On August 24th, the National Fire and Rescue Bureau held a video conference to refine and implement the deployment of the national urban gas safety special rectification work and the requirements of the Party Committee of the Emergency Management Department, fully carrying out the gas fire safety special rectification action, and effectively preventing and curbing the occurrence of mass casualties and fire accidents. Qiongse, the member of the Party Committee of the Emergency Management Department and the Director of the National Fire and Rescue Bureau Zhoutian attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The Deputy Director of the National Fire and Rescue Bureau presided over the meeting and deployed special rectification work for gas fire safety.

The meeting requested that all levels of the team should effectively improve the quality and efficiency of gas fire safety hazard investigation and rectification, fully rely on the special platform for urban gas safety rectification work in the region, participate in departmental joint inspections, supervise enterprise self inspections, organize grassroots inspections, rely on expert inspections, and carry out "double random" spot checks, etc., comprehensively investigate gas operation and filling enterprises and catering venues, and establish and improve a mechanism for public reporting, verification, and handling, Form a combined force.

The meeting emphasized that for problems and hidden dangers discovered during inspections, it is necessary to work with relevant departments and organizations to distinguish different situations and implement classified rectification. Make full use of legal, economic, administrative and other means, and handle them seriously in accordance with the law, especially by seizing the key of being the "first responsible person" of the enterprise and forcing the implementation of responsibilities; Urge the implementation of effective control measures for problems and hidden dangers that cannot be immediately rectified and eliminated; If the circumstances are serious, measures such as temporary lockdown or ordering the suspension of business operations shall be taken in accordance with the law; For those who pose a serious threat to public safety, they should be submitted to the government for listing and supervision. 

The meeting emphasized that all levels of the team should make comprehensive emergency rescue preparations, organize commanders and soldiers to learn and master the types, main components, physical and chemical properties, characteristics of liquefied gas cylinders, and other necessary knowledge and skills, as well as accident handling cases and action safety points. We need to establish and improve emergency linkage and joint response mechanisms with departments in charge of gas, standardize the composition of forces, refine technical and tactical measures, and promptly mobilize professional forces in case of gas disasters and accidents, scientifically and effectively handle them, and spare no effort to reduce casualties.

We hope that this special rectification will eliminate all hidden dangers in their infancy and continue to implement them in the future. Relevant departments will conduct regular inspections of liquefied petroleum gas tanks and urge liquefied gas stations to forcibly scrap uninspected and expired gas cylinders in use. Gas cookers should assembled with safety device.

Post time: Aug-28-2023